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Bob Mould: “It’s ok to miss this tour if you’re vaccine-hesitant”

The Bob Mould Band are kicking off a three-week US tour on Thursday in Boston, promising to bring a “punk rock party” with them, but they want everyone to stay Covid-safe.

For anyone concerned about the Covid vaccine’s safety, it’s ok not to attend, Mould said in a video message that also exhorted fans to follow venue guidelines likely to include proof of full vaccination and/or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of showtime.

“These are the house rules and if you’re holding a ticket you have to follow these in order to enter the venue,” he said.

“In addition, and this is coming directly from me, my band and my crew – fully vaccinated and we will be testing every two days in order to keep you as safe as possible … I’m asking you to keep us, and everyone in the building, as safe as possible. We really need you to keep your mask on while you’re in the building.”

Mould hasn’t played live since a February 2020 solo date in New York. Eighteen months later he said he can’t wait to play again on this US tour but called on his fans to do the right thing when it comes to staying Covid-safe.

“I know there’s some of you that have various hesitancies. You might be hesitant to be in a big crowd, even though you’re fully vaccinated; you might be concerned about the safety of the vaccine itself and you’re still researching that, and I understand that; and I understand that some of you might be hesitant to take a test to see if you’re Covid-positive.

“So, for anyone who has hesitancy on any level, it’s ok to miss this show, it’s ok to miss this tour – there’ll be more in the future, maybe then circumstances might be different, more comfortable, more in line with how you’re thinking about everything.”

He added: “I think it’s going to be really special, but we need your cooperation. We’re a community here, we’re in this together, we need to do the right things.”

While the Bob Mould Band’s tour is going ahead, Covid has curtailed the plans of a number of Mould’s contemporaries. Steve Albini’s band Shellac last month decided to cancel their September West Coast dates due to “the distinct possibility of having to cancel the tour while underway” and the Pixies similarly called off their own September US dates.

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