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BLUSSH Are Back With a Glamorous New Track

Brisbane punk trio BLUSSH delivers Glamour, the band’s first single from its forthcoming EP.

Driving big 90s grunge/punk charisma, Glamour (EP) explores subjects of deceit, spite, reprise, obsession, desperation, ruthless times, period bleeds and drunken fast nights. Packaging thick heavy guitars, raging vocals, pumping basslines and hard-hitting drums, Glamour is a potent and playful capture of the collective voice that is BLUSSH.

Glamour (single), a track that feels its belongings to that of HOLES Live Through This, saturated with thick chords, strong vocal melody, pumping bass and hard-hitting drums to push and pull the songs pain of desire, tender as it is cruel. Desperation seeps out in its chorus “Glamour me, Glamour haunts me, I’m glamour’s own dream, I’m glamour’s own queen” bleeding its obsessions anguished and enslaved.

In notions that veil beauty masks destruction in disguise. Glamour opens with glistening innocence, a lustrous fascination that twists in the dark and takes to places unhealthy and possessive. The chorus hauls a sinister but familiar action that lives in us all, the decadent dream to have it all; beauty, reverence, worship and mastery, no matter the cost. It drives itself to a close, asserting being “glamours own dreams”- a failed conviction that hears only and all its anguish devoid of soul and self.

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LUSSH - Glamour

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