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Blondie Reveals new NFT to celebrate Andy Warhol’s 93rd birthday

Debbie and Chris have called the artwork “a present-day manifestation of the punk rock movement”

Blondie has announced a new NFT collaboration with Hackatao to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Andy Warhol.

The ‘crypto art series’, titled ‘Hack The Borders’, will be released through digital art online auction platform Nifty Gateway next month.

The artwork is based upon Warhol’s first-ever digital portrait of Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry, shot in 1985.

Debbie and andy warhole
Andy Warhol photoshoot

The one-of-a-kind artwork, which Blondie has called “a present-day manifestation of the punk rock movement,” will land on August 6 via Nifty Gateway, to celebrate what would’ve been Warhol’s 93rd birthday.

“I heard of Hackatao early on when the NFT phenomena went mainstream,” Blondie’s Chris Stein said in a statement. “Andy, who embraced modern technology, would certainly have been minting Warhol NFT’s. I am attracted to the lack of gatekeeping that thus far is a significant factor in all this.

Debbie and Chris

Debbie Harry added: “Techno expansion and discovery has always fascinated me as did Andy. I love the idea of honouring his memory on his birthday this year with our collaboration with Hackatao.”

Explaining the idea behind the project, Hackatao said: “We like to think of our art as something timeless and universal, much like Blondie’s music and iconic legacy. Doing a project with Blondie is not just a collaboration with a band, it is a collaboration with the history of music and art.

“Andy Warhol has similarly been an artistic inspiration to us for his use of colours and trademark way of making art accessible for everyone. For Hack the Borders, we chose to release the project on August 6, which is not only the birthday of Andy but also of S. of Hackatao. We felt it was a perfect way to pay homage to his genius and connect us further to the project.

This collaborative creation will be made available in multiple editions, with each featuring musical accompaniment by @ChrisSteinPlays, and a poem, written and spoken by Debbie Harry.

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