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Blondie Making Money – One Way or Another!


The New York punk and new wave pioneers, Blondie have sold their rights to royalties from all 197 of their songs to investment fund Hipgnosis Songs Fund

Blondie’s co-founders and songwriting duo Debbie Harry and Chris Stein have sold their future royalties of all 197 Blondie songs to investment fund Hipgnosis Songs Fund for an undisclosed lump sum. 

Previously managing artists including Elton John, Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses before setting up the fund, the founder, Merck Mercuriadis stated he had followed Blondie “since day one” and was delighted they were joining the “Hipgnosis family”. 


Mercuriadis has stated in a BBC interview that they treat each song as if it was a business in its own right.

Two days prior to this UK-based firm’s announcement, the company announced that it has bought 100% of Barry Manilow’s worldwide recording royalties of 917 songs. 

Ms Harry and Mr Stein said they were “so happy to be working with a progressive company.”. 

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