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Canadian Punks Block Parent Release New album ‘Sick Year, Bro!’

Proudly hailing from the small town of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, three-piece Block Parent focus on playing coming-of-age, self-deprecating punk rock. They are making waves in both the thriving underground punk scene throughout the 519 and greater punk community of Ontario. They have played alongside The Dirty Nil, Fucked Up, ’68, Single Mothers and more.

Sick Year Bro! follows their first vinyl release Amongst The Hurtin’ Mess, via Thousand Island Records and Pink Lemonade Records, Block Parent constructed a debut LP that perfectly captures their relentless energy and heartfelt comedy. Their new self-released album Sick Year, Bro!’ cements Block Parent’s punk rock identity into a tight 30-minute package.

The band says, “Growing up is a painful and beautiful experience. It mutates and morphs ya into the Chud-loving critter you never thought you’d see reflecting back at ya in a pool of your own vomit. We hold onto the pains of nostalgia with our beer-soaked fists while we anxiously hide our disdain and discomfort for a scary and confusing world….but we have each other.”

“We’ll grow old together and we’ll absolutely get weirder. In the end, all we can do is embrace our flaws, accept our self-destruction, face our anxieties and hold on to what we love….past present and future.” they declare.

“Here’s to you Cambridge, you beautiful and disgusting wretched hive of friendship and isolation. It’s not much….but it’s ours.”

The album is available on CD (self-released) and limited edition cassette tapes (with help from Glue Gun Records).

sick year bro
Sick Year, Bro! Track List
  1. Sight For Pink Eyes
  2. SUBAR
  3. Helluva Bad Dip
  4. Comeuppance Go Downance
  5. Riopongu
  6. Landry’s Video Kingdom
  7. Bill’s Bargain Basement
  8. Quick Ask Zoe
  9. Take Part or Die.
  10. Stixville, Population 111,000 (originally by Deaf Children Playing)

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