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Blink 182 New Single ‘Quarantine’ To Drop Any Day Now

Get excited pop punk fans, icons Blink 182 are working on a new album and according to their producer, Goldfinger’s John Feldmann, we can expect some “super classic Blink”.

While the bands 2019 album ‘Nine’ was still recognisably Blink 182, there was an element of difference in their music as the band took the opportunity to experiment, expressing years of experience in what was seen as a more mature sound. To have a return to ‘classic’ Blink will have long-time fans excited.

Travis Barker confirmed the upcoming single casually in a recent interview with Spin when mentioning how busy he was – “I’m spoiled. This week, Brian Lee  and I produced a Blink song and recorded it. Finished three jxdn songs; finished an acoustic MGK song and reworked three other songs on the album; played on a Yungblud song; co-produced and played drums on a Steve Aoki song featuring Trevor Daniel and MGK. So it’s my dream job.”

When prompted for some more information on the new Blink single he offered “We actually have a song called “Quarantine” that will be out in the next two weeks. Really excited about it.”

Whether original singer Tom DeLonge will answer the silent prayers of old school fans and play with the band again is as good as anyone’s guess. Despite his assurance when asked if it was a possibility by Rolling Stone in May – “Yeah, of course we are. We just gotta figure out the timing, how it works for everybody” it’s probably not a good idea to hold you breath and just get excited about new music from Mark, Travis and Matt Skiba dropping any day now.

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