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Billy Talent Drop Brilliant New Single ‘Judged’

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Ahead of the release of their sixth studio album, the Canadian power-punk’s have shared another explosive track.

With the new album Crisis Of Faith due to drop into the hands (and ears) of eager fans on January 21, Billy Talent has shared the new single, Judged. The track follows previous singles Forgiveness I + II, Reckless Paradise and End Of Me feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The track is everything fans need from a Billy Talent track, short, sharp, loud, and full of energy.

The pure punk energy of Billy Talent is reinforced by the band’s ability to embrace all genres within their music. Last year vocalist Ben Kowalewicz said in an interview with Kerrang!: “When we came out, everything was ‘pop-punk!’ and ‘screamo!’ and people lumped us in with it. We didn’t understand that. We were guilty by association in a lot of ways, but that’s fine because if that was how other people processed it, ‘got it’ or heard about us, that’s totally cool. But the thing about our band is we can play – and have played – at punk, ska, reggae and hip-hop shows. We love all those genres. We’re like a chameleon, so it was a bit odd for us to come out, and people needed us to be in a certain category.”

As we advance into the new decade, the band are just as fired up as always but grateful they are still doing what they love after more than 20 years.

“Now more so than ever, we’re just feeling gratitude and appreciation that, after this long, we’re still together,” Ben Concludes.

Billy Talent is taking the new album on tour around Canada, kicking off in Winnipeg on February 7. The band will wrap up the tour in a big way, co-headlining with Rise Against in London, Ontario, on April 7.
Tickets are available HERE.

New Single Judged is out now on all streaming services.

The new album Crisis Of Faith will be out on January 21 2022, Spinefarm Records.
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Order your copy on Vinyl HERE.

Crisis of Faith

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