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Never Mind Transformer Here’s Above Ground 3.

Billy Idol, Taylor Hawkins and a cast of a thousand to play The Sex Pistol’s Never Mind The Bollocks and Lou Reed’s Transformer back to back at charity benefit event ‘Above Ground’.

The benefit will see Navarro and Morrison perform with their bandmates Perry Farrell and Steve Stevens and Billy Idol, respectively. Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Etty Lau FarrellMark McGrath (Sugar Ray), and Franky Perez (Deadland RitualApocalyptica) will also appear with more artists to be announced. Together, they will play Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ and Lou Reed’s ‘Transformer‘, in their entireties.

In a joint statement, Navarro and Morrison explained ‘Transformer embodies the realisation and education of gender and fluidity and all the imagery that went along with that in the ’70s”.

They added, “It’s an unnecessarily tough subject now, so imagine Lou Reed in the ’70s addressing sexuality and gender. It was a total groundbreaking album that tore some barriers down, which is what we are trying to do with the subject of mental health and Above Ground.”

As for ‘Never Mind the Bollocks‘, they said: “This album is it for both of us — the one that changed everything. When we heard this for the first time as kids, something shifted forever inside us. The sound of Steve Jones’ guitars and the intelligent anger from [Johnny] Rotten about things that actually resonated with us, even at that early age.”

“We are so grateful for Dave and Billy’s support of MusiCares with this incredible benefit concert, and for their continued support of our mission over the years,” said Laura Segura, Executive Director of MusiCares. “The proceeds from this event will help music professionals who need various kinds of support, from physical and mental health, addiction recovery, preventative clinics, and more.”

“MusiCares has literally saved more than a few of our friends from dying,” the artists said in a press release. “On the frontline, finding and paying for beds in treatment, arranging therapy and counselling, and actually speaking up on a public level about the importance of mental health are all reasons why we continue to do what we can to draw attention to this subject.”

Tickets go on sale on Friday, Oct. 22.

“Above Ground 3” is set to take place December 20 at the Fonda in Los Angeles and will benefit MusiCares.

Never Mind Transformer

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