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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

BAD RELIGION Share Unreleased ‘Lose Your Head’ Demo

This year Bad Religion celebrates 40 years in music – but, thanks to lockdown, probably not in the way they had previously imagined. However, there are always creative ways to celebrate musical milestones which is why the band recently decided to release a ‘restrung’ version of their 1990 humanist anthem Faith Alone – adding strings and piano to create a very apt version for 2020.

“Because we’re not on tour, we are spending a lot of time in the studio,” lead singer Greg Graffin told New York’s Q104.3 radio. “And now we all have music rooms and we all have Pro Tools studios at our houses we’re trying to fill in the time by doing creative, collaborative works like this.”

Continuing this theme Bad Religion has just dropped a previously unreleased ‘demo’ track of Lose Your Head from their critically acclaimed 2019 album Age of Unreason.

The demo features different lyrics and a rapid-fire tempo that’s more to the punk veterans style. Written by Brett Gurewitz and Greg Graffin, the band originally recorded both faster and slower versions of Lose Your Head and had laid down basic tracks for each, however, the version that eventually appeared on the album was the slower take of the two.

The new ‘demo’ version is the result of taking previously unreleased rhythm tracks from the Sunset Sound sessions and combining them with the original home demo recordings to bring the fast version of the song to life.

In recognition of their ruby anniversary, BAD RELIGION also published their autobiography, “Do What You Want: The Story Of Bad Religion“, last month. It spans the band’s 40-year career, from their beginnings as teenagers experimenting in a San Fernando Valley garage dubbed “The Hell Hole” to headlining major music festivals around the world. It also includes rare photos and never-before-seen material from their archives. 

The band recently spoke to Spin.com about how weird it was to think of them having known each other for so many years. Graffin said. “I think it’s something extremely special because most people can’t claim to have friendships for that long. We’re lucky that everyone [in the band] has become better people and better musicians, so that’s something we can be proud of together because we’ve had a positive influence on one another.”

Keep up with Bad Religion’s 40 year celebration on socials.

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