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Bad Religion Reschedule Last Three Dates of Tour After Member Contracts COVID

The US punk icons have confirmed, that they are rescheduling their U.S. shows with Alkaline Trio and War on Women.

As reported in Punktuation a couple of days ago, an unnamed member of Bad Religion had tested positive for Covid, and on their social media pages, the band announced that they would be “removing ourselves from the tour for the next 48 hours to assess our options regarding the remaining shows with Alkaline Trio and War On Women.”

Early today, the band said on their Facebook page:

“We are rescheduling the following dates

11/24 San Francisco is now 12/12

11/26 Los Angeles is now 12/10

11/27 Los Angeles is now 12/11

Tickets from the original date will be honored at the corresponding rescheduled date. We genuinely hope to see all of you on the rescheduled dates!”

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While understanding, a few Bad Religion fans were upset that the tour had to be rescheduled, and some were annoyed that two of the shows only featured Alkaline Trio and War On Women.

“I do realize one of the guys in the band caught coronavirus, but it’s still hard not to be bummed ya know.” said one Bad Religion fan.

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Another posted: “I just couldn’t justify spending $90 for two tickets to see bands I wasn’t that excited about. Because of needing to change our work schedule, we got there after the opening act anyway.”

However, many fans came to Alkaline Trio and War On Women’s defence:” War on Women were crazy, I’ve never seen anyone headbang like the lead singer, plus Alkaline Trio was a good show!” said another commenter.

Bad Religion has still yet to comment on which band member contracted Coronavirus and their health condition. However, as the rescheduled dates are only a couple of weeks out, we must surmise that other than a few sniffles, all is well in the Bad Religion camp!

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