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Back Catalogue of Punk Planet ‘Zine Now Online For Free

If you love reading about punk and you love a freebie, then we’ve got great news. Dan Sinker’s Chicago-based zine Punk Planet (which ran 80 issues from 1994-2007) is now available online at no cost whatsoever.

Punk Planet became beloved for its approach to writing about punk and covering the music itself. The ‘zine covered many of the wider social issues that intersect with the punk philosophy; including worker’s rights, feminism and the mainstream media.

Punk Planet aimed to be more inclusive than other ‘zines and tried to review nearly all the records it received, as long as the record label wasn’t owned or partially owned by a major label. This led to a review section that was often over 30 pages in size.

Click on the above image and scroll down to see Nov- Dec 2005 issue

Although much of the music reviewed was, expectedly, punk, the reviews also covered country, folk, hip-hop, indie rock, and other genres. The Punk Planet reviews section also encompassed independently released comics, zines, and DVDs.

The ‘Zine also featured were interviews with individuals and bands integral to the punk scene such as Ian Mackaye and Sleater-Kinney

You can find all issues here: Punk Planet Archive: The ‘Zines are scanned in high definition, so they should be easy to read.

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