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Aussie Punks, The Meanies, Have Taken Desperate Measures

The Meanies release their fourth album in 28 years

There’s something very comforting about a release of new material from The Meanies. Like a message out of the blue from someone you used to go to gigs with that you haven’t seen in way too long. The fact that this new material is an album though – only their fourth in 28 years! – makes this tight and timely outing extra special.

Recorded in lockdown, front man Link in Spain and the rest of the band back home in Australia, The Meanies have nonetheless managed to put together their strongest and most cohesive album to date. There’s lots of Aussie pub rock motifs and some great pop hooks woven through 25 minutes that are well worth the wait.

Stand-outs include the very apropos All The Bought Men and your new iso theme Under My Rock. The first single, Cruel To Be Caned, gets better with each listen and riff-heavy Drowning Tower even features Wally Meanie stepping up on lead vocals.

We’re living in desperate times, better have some Desperate Measures.

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