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Aussie Punks Nocturnal Animals Drop New Single ‘Where’s My Mind Been?’

Emerging from the alt-rock depths in a shroud of emo-punk comes three skeletal figures… Adelaide’s own Nocturnal Animals. They are back and already making their mark on 2022.

Known for their high-energy anthems, recounting angst-ridden tales with distinctively thematic stylings, Nocturnal Animals have produced six smashing singles since their debut in 2020, with last year’s release of Outside and Articuno Makes Waves demonstrating the band’s continued sonic growth.

Now, the group have delivered ‘Where’s My Mind Been?‘, a punchy track loaded with tumultuous drums, overdriven guitars and a hearty dose of unflinching grunge. As if moving from the deep, dark spaces of the mind, the song starts slow, with melancholy dripping from pushing guitars as breathy, gravel-filled vocals begin a steady build.

A distinctive Nocturnal Animals chorus ignites with an implosion of huge drums, rearing riffs and chanting lyrical hooks, signalling the first of many deliberate instrumental thrashings to come.

Exploring strong feelings of regret and a desire for second chances, the band wrote this track about the desperate yearning to go back and change things, as Dylan Martin explains:

“Where’s My Mind Been? is a song about that space of time after a relationship where you lament on the feelings of regret, wanting to have another chance to fix what went wrong. It’s a place where you can start to lose part of yourself in the realisation you can’t change what is.”

The new Nocturnal Animals single Where’s My Mind Been? is out now.

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Main photo by Morgan Sette

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