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Aussie larrikin punks Dune Rats Prepare Fans For A Real Rare Treat

The Aussie punks release the single ‘What A Memorable Night’ and announce new album.

“Real Rare Whale is hands down the fastest, funniest and most insane album we’ve ever recorded,” the band say on recording the album. “It’s an album that expresses the love of music and writing songs. Songs that will be epic to play live to thousands of sweaty bodies having a great time. We waited until now to release it as we know it won’t be long until shows start back up and we can be where we are meant to be, on stage having fun.”

“From the first track to the last, each song was written with the sole purpose of being the “other songs” to what we were hearing on the radio,” they continue.

“The songs to forget about what was going on at the time and reflecting on what made us start being a band in the first place. Teaming up with Scott Horscroft, who has long been a friend, was a dream come true. We respect him so much as a producer that we knew he was the person to bring depth to these tunes whilst keeping them in the Dunies ethos.”

Dune Rats Real Rare Whale tracklist
  1. LTD
  2. Dumb TV
  3. UP
  4. Pamela Aniston
  5. What A Memorable Night
  6. Skate Or Don’t
  7. Space Cadet
  8. Melted Into Two
  9. Drink All Day
  10. If This Is The End

Set for release on 24th June, the ten-track collection features the band’s new single ‘What A Memorable Night’, the second to be taken from the full-length following up on the previously revealed ‘Up’.

Speaking about the track, the band revealed: “We wrote this song as a tribute to all of the memorable nights that we’ve had with our close mates. The ones that none of us can really remember, but the skewed stories, whether right or wrong, always outlive the memories”.

The new song comes alongside a video. “We shot the drinking part of the video on BC’s birthday – the most memorable night of the year,” the band explain. “Then filmed the performance clip with a crew of legends from Hype Republic, who we met filming a movie called Six Festivals which we’re super psyched about.”

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