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As It Is Double The Fun With Two New Singles

As It Is

The Brighton-based pop-punk legends have released two brand new singles – ILY, How Are You and IDC, I Can’t Take It via Fearless Records.

This dual single release is a ‘call and response’ pairing, with each song delivering two opposing perspectives. One is ‘I care a lot’ & and the other is ‘I couldn’t care less.’ The band says the message is – “wake up and put all your energy into the people, places and things that matter to you; as a friendly reminder that that’s what’s important.”

Regarding the songs the band share, “ILY, How Are You?‘  is a ‘check in’ anthem. It’s for everybody waking up and going through your day telling everybody you’re great when you’re not. It’s still okay not to be okay. Check-in on your friends.” While, “IDC, I Can’t Take It” is a ‘fuck you’ party anthem. It’s for everybody going out of their way and caring but not getting the same in return. Some people won’t appreciate your presence until they feel the weight of your absence, and that’s okay. Don’t let anyone take your peace. Let go, move on, and put yourself out of your own misery. It’s liberating.”

The songs are set to appear on the band’s fourth album, due early next year.

As It Is

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