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American Thrills Release Video For ‘Discount Casket’

The Connecticut-based punk rock band have shared a new video for their latest single taken from their sophomore EP Old Things.

“Coming into adulthood can be full of confusion and unreasonable expectations. Discount Casket is about losing a friend to suicide in this period of life. On one hand, you can relate to their pain and confusion, but on the other, you wish they didn’t see their troubles as insurmountable obstacles,” says the band in a released statement.

The band says that the Old Things EP tackles the subject of loss and the complicated feelings that come along with it. It’s an upbeat pop-punk record that any late 20-30 something can relate to.

“We like to play loud and want you guys in the front row, with fists in the air, screaming along with us.”

American Thrills is a punk rock band from Connecticut featuring members of The Tired And True (Eulogy Records) and Shut up and Deal. Founded in mid 2020, during a pandemic, the band came together to write their debut self-titled EP. The EP was engineered by Nick Bellmore (Make Do And Mend, Hatebreed) and Mixed/Mastered by John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance). The band’s unique blend of upbeat punk rock with hooks for days and a sprinkle of Midwest emo caught the attention of New School Records (No Trigger, Twenty2), who released the EP in late 2020.

Fans can stream Old Things in its entirety now.

American Thrills

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