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American Television Pay Tribute to their Influences On New EP

The Washington DC band have paid tribute to their punk influences on their latest EP Adolescence.

Adolescence includes five tracks of covers from American Television‘s biggest idols, Black Flag, Green Day, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy and Fugazi. The EP is out now via Wiretap Records. The EP follows on from their debut album Watch It Burn, released through Wiretap Records in January 2020. The band have released a video for their cover of Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown, taken from the EP.

With the nationwide protests in response to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Rob from Wiretap Records asked about recording a cover for a Black Lives Matter fundraiser compilation. That set things in motion for their new EP, Adolescence.

American Television set up some home recording equipment and started recording their parts for Officer by Operation Ivy. After they were done, the band felt like this was something that could continue. Recording covers allowed them to stay active and engaged with each other from the isolation of their own homes.

They recorded other punk classics that shaped them in their youth but still maintained relevance today. Bad Religion’s American Jesus projected the band’s thoughts on the election year.

As workplaces literally became toxic, employers showed how they really valued their workers. Cheaply-made designer face masks showed up in targeted advertising. Fugazi’s Merchandise seemed as relevant today as when it was written.

Lack of sleep set in as people went home to juggle work, family, and a pandemic that forced them to move only between a sofa and a desk in the basement. Green Day’s Brain Stew reflects those feelings of anxiousness and insomnia. Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown captured emotions best as the year, and election cycle dragged on. Each member feeling at moments that they might snap.

Follow the link HERE to purchase American Television’s Adolescence with a limited 5 Sticker Pack, inspired by original artists .

Stream Adolescence HERE.


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