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All Time Low Join TikTok Viral Fun

All time low

With the pandemic putting live music on a ‘way-too-long-to-think-about’ pause, online social spaces like Instagram and TikTok have proven to be crucial for music fans and their idols to stay connected.

TikTok has become popular in gargantuan terms with short videos of… well anything really, posted and devoured by millions of content-hungry users.

The hashtag pop-punk has become one of the latest viral trends, racking up over 400 million views. The latest band to join in some viral trending is pop-punk/emo favourites All Time Low.

When TikTok user @yungricepatty posted his clip declaring; “Mom, it was never a phase it’s a lifestyle,” then proceeded to belt out All Time Low’s biggest hit Dear Maria, Count Me In, did he intend to start a viral feed racking up over 8 million views? Probably not!


Reply to @trish_can3 i sure can 😼

♬ original sound – joel

With so many reliving their emo days, the band finally jumped onboard the viral wave and posted their own rendition of their most popular track.

The band’s Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat have joined in with their own ​“it’s not a phase” video, breaking into their 2007 pop-punk classic Dear Maria, Count Me In in the most casual ways, in the car.

The original ‘Dear Maria’ from the music video, Gilli Messer, took to TikTok back in August, to share that she still had one of the props from the shoot. ​“In 2008, I played Maria in All Time Low’s Dear Maria, Count Me In video,” she said, holding up the black-and-white polka dot bra that she wore.

In a second video, she added that it was​“very fun” to work with the band. ​“We were all so young,” she said. ​“But I think the best part for all of us was working with the chimp!”

You can watch the original Dear Maria, Count Me In video clip right HERE.

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