Album Review: Wolf & Chain – ‘Amor Mortal’.

Theatrical pop-punk roots bring emo back from the undead in Wolf & Chains latest horror-punk rock opera, Amor Mortal, due out 29th October.

My enthusiasm for a review of a “theatrical emo” band was pretty low. Didn’t the emo genre peak withMy Chemical Romance‘s The Black Parade way back in 2006, resulting in a wave of second rate bands trying to jump on the proverbial bandwagon?

Maybe 2021 is actually a great time to resurrect this sound and after just one listen to Adelaide quintet Wolf & Chain’s new EP Amor Mortal, it has re-awakened my emo desires. The six-track EP is first-class. There’s a powder keg of emotion packed in each track with perfected emo style. All of my assumptions have been laid to rest. ‘Amor Mortal‘, is one hell of a ride.

Essentially this is a concept album of “dark fairytales.” Each song reflects the potent human experience of being consumed by love. Each track filled with goth narratives of a twisted mind aided by some slick production. This collection of deadly love songs is easily consumed but not for the faint of heart.

The narrative starts off with a melancholic introduction carrying a drama-filled vocal over a classical guitar. Wolf & Chain set the scene in a way that is simple but effective.

The following track, ‘Hex’, opens with a blast of distorted guitars and pounding drums, an absolute belter of a song. The vocals pivot from a heavy scream to a gutsy melody. As lead singer Jack Cumes cries out “We knew this day would come!” you can feel the anxiety in his vocal delivery.

The EP has spawned two singles, the latest An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and Insatiable Taste for Poison, continues the tale of blindly following love down a dark path.

Wolf & Chains sophomore EP continues with punchy rhythms, an eccentric Spanish guitar interlude, and more breakdowns than my ex-girlfriend. The frontman’s dynamic vocal range allows his delivery to garner emotions from a wide spectrum, generously layered with emotive harmonies. Lyrically, we are hearing from a creative but dark damaged soul that somehow connects with the listener using clever story-telling constructs. At times it is both captivating and confronting.

The EP closes with the lead single Taste of Blood bringing the harrowing tale of obsessive love to an end. A perfectly constructed track, you feel the journey end with a spine-chilling build to a harrowing conclusion.

If you are a fan of MCR, Panic At The Disco, The Used and other bands of this ilk, you will love this band. Wolf & Chain’s combined classic emo and modern hardcore ensures there are big things to come in the near future, mark my words!

Amor Mortal drops on October 29, just in time for Halloween.

Punktuation’s verdict: 4/5

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