Album Review: Drones ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’

London punks Drones have returned with their sophomore album Our Hell Is Right Here and it’s a certified pent-up powder keg of energy ready to explode into the charts.

This latest album offering sees London punk band Drones producing a powerful collection of songs that are sure to cement the band’s reputation in the UK punk scene.

The album’s thirteen tracks are a blast of emotional output brought to life by frontwoman Lois McDougall’s dynamic vocals and the band’s frantically fiery sound.

Opening Our Hell Is Right Here is Please Vacate The Planet. McDougall’s voice has an emotively raw appeal backed up by the band’s harmonious ferocity. Alongside her dynamic vocals are some big, meaty hooks and drums powering through the song like a musical hurricane. A truly brilliant opener.

Up next is latest single Live & Let Live – another absolute belter, tackling the self-image issues social media has transmitted and amplified like a rampant social disease. McDougall has explained in interviews that the track is for anyone who has ever felt trapped in their own skin.

The album’s title track features Ren Aldrigde of Petrol Girls fame and it continues that driving force of well-structured riffs and melodies, with Lois’ furious vocals cementing the intent of the song.


Moving through the album, Manipulate maintains the momentum with passion and melodic fury, while the acoustic Listen touches on loss, taking a big step back from the previous intensity.

Learn snaps right back to the album’s aggression, reigniting the frantic musical pace. Lois’ vocals portray a sound of desperation, the song displaying the struggle of trying to make a failing relationship work when you know it just isn’t meant to be.

First single from the album, Josephine, is as intense in meaning as it is musically. An intimate journey through McDougal’s past unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Our Hell Is Right Here is a belter of a punk album. Full of fast-paced fury, but with its songs taking on some real, genuine issues. The band always wear their hearts on their sleeves and the passion they put into their music and their lyrics prove this.

The great thing about Drones is you can be a fan of Paramore or a fan of Rise Against and still love this album. This is music that covers a broad spectrum in the world of Punk.

Punktuation’s Verdict 4/5

Our Hell Is Right Here is out NOW on all streaming services.
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