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After Elmer comfort their former selves with new single ‘246 Toothpicks’

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell a past version of you that things will be alright in the end? That's exactly what Dutch pop punk band After Elmer have done with their new single.

After releasing three singles in 2022, After Elmer throws a big fat cherry on top of their punk-cake. 246 Toothpicks is a big, punchy, anthemic new single,  with dizzying tempos, smart lyrics and some tasty guitar-action. What more could you want?

The band says about their new single: “the song is a big shout through space and time, to our former selves. How many times would you love to reach back through time to tell your former, sad self that everything is gonna be okay, and that you’ll come out stronger? This song is exactly that, it has that full-circle feeling to it. With that, it’s also a song that – in between the lines – says to be proud of whatever you’ve accomplished.”

Last year, the band released three new singles: ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’, ‘Skyline’ and ‘When We Break’, for which they also filmed music videos.

And you can get some behind-the-scenes shenanigans if you tune into their web series ‘Band Diary and More Stuff‘ on You Tube and peak behind the curtain of the making of the vids.

After Elmer hail from Rotterdam and were formed in 2018. The band released their debut EP ‘Look Alive‘ in 2020.

They’ve been playing lots of cities apart from their vibrant hometown of Rotterdam. Earlier in 2023 they played the big Pinguin Radio Showcase in Groningen, during the ESNS-festival.

After Elmer are: Jaap, Pieter, Thomas and Jasper.

246 Toothpicks‘ is out NOW so get on the music service of your preference HERE and have a listen!

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