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Aerial Salad take aim at the root of all evil

New single ‘Big Business’ questions money’s role in music and gives a taste of second album ‘R.O.I.’.

Manchester, UK punks Aerial Salad are back with the first taste of their second album in the form of new single ‘Big Business’.

The track doesn’t hide their DIY roots but adds a new ‘Madchester Punk’ vibe that nods to their heroes in Happy Mondays, XTC and Carter USM as they tackle ‘the root of all evil’.

Singer and guitarist Jamie Munro said the song is about “a growing feeling that money is completely destroying entertainment, the idea came from a common notion that ‘all films are remakes’, it’s also inspired by any form of art, that is composed or created to serve the purpose only of capital.

“In the same way that many feel ‘football is all about money”, it’s the same in music, film, TV. Just about everything in the age we live in is purely for money. The song poses two questions. Has it always been this way? And does it have to be like this?”

Big Business’ is the first release since the trio, rounded out by Mike ‘Wimbo’ Wimbleton (vocals/bass) and Mike Marshall (drums), signed to Venn Records.

The London label will put out Aerial Salad’s second album ‘R.O.I.’ on April 12. The 13-track was recorded in Vibe Recording Studio, Cheetham Hill in Manchester with Dean Glover and follows on from their 2020 debut ‘Dirt Mall’.

Aerial Salad album R.O.I.

Main Photo Credit: Liam Maxwell

  1. Rotting and shaking

  2. Same 24 hours (as Beyoncé)

  3. Tied to Pieces of paper

  4. mdrn lvn

  5. They All Lied to Me

  6. Big business

  7. As the World Eats itself again

  8. All your dreamin’

  9. John

  10. D’yer Like Flowers, Son?

  11. Capo 2

  12. Chances

  13. Telekon 5

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