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Add this menacing new punk book to your collection…

A new book about 70s oi punk legends Menace is out this Summer!

Considered one of the godfathers of the oi punk movement, Menace were there on the ground when the punk movement took off in 1977.

Paul Marko (author of ‘The Roxy London WC2’) has collected photos, stories and recollections from not only the band but a who’s who of key people from the time for the new book- ‘Menace- Prog, Punk, Skinheads and Serendipity‘.

With a foreword by Mark P of Sniffin’ Glue and ATV fame, this book comprises some 516 pages and gives a rollicking account of the most exciting, creative, fast moving but also violent and turbulent time of youth cultures and how a 1977 punk band keeps going into the 2020’s.

Featuring – Prog Rock, Johnny Rotten, the Roxy Club & Vortex, John Cale, Sham 69, Mark P & Sniffin’ Glue, Jill Furmanovsky, Suggs, skinheads, the National Front, boot boys and ruffians, gig violence, Rock Against Racism, drug addiction, Miles Copeland and the rise of IRS, Step Forward, Illegal, Fresh Records, Small Wonder, The Police and Sting, biker chick Vermilion, Oi and Gary Bushell, disappearing London, the 90’s punk resurgence, Holidays In The Sun punk festival, the 9/11 terrorist attack, CBGB’s, Punk Aid, pain, joy, marriages, births, deaths and a global pandemic while continuing to make a glorious punk racket into the 2020’s.

The book is ready for a soft launch at the Rebellion Festival Literary Stage (3.20pm on Thursday 3rd August)  with  Menace themselves  also playing an acoustic and electric set at different times on the weekend. 

This is an essential addition to your music book shelves! 

Menace- Prog, Punk, Skinheads and Serendipity’ is available for pre-order now.

There is 150 limited edition copies with a hand-signed sticker by the remaining original members inside and CD of rarities from Stonehenge to now. You can pre order HERE

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