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Friday, June 18, 2021

25th-anniversary reissue of The Vandals’ Live Fast Diarrhea, out now!


special vinyl reissue of Live Fast Diarrheathe breakthrough album from the snarky SoCal punk outfit, The Vandals—is out now! The LP is pressed – fittingly – on limited-edition “explosive brown splatter” vinyl. Special bundles of the LP and an exclusive tee are also available via our Nitro Records collection on the Craft store.

Produced by guitarist Warren Fitzgerald, the album features the band’s current lineup, including Fitzgerald, singer Dave Quackenbush, renowned studio drummer Josh Freese, and bassist Joe Escalante, who remains the longest-running member of the group.

Despite the band’s tongue-in-cheek humour, nonsensical lyrics, and downright silliness, The Vandals’ musicianship is no joke. The four-piece is in top form on Live Fast Diarrhea – from Freese’s rapid-fire drumming and Escalante’s tight bass lines to Fitzgerald’s relentless, hard-driving guitar lines, and Quackenbush’s nimble vocals. 

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