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Punktuation Mag is a globally recognised online publication that celebrates the rebellious spirit of punk culture. As a top-ranking punk magazine, Punktuation has gained a reputation for its cutting-edge content, thought-provoking articles, and unique perspective on punk music, reviews, news,  features and lifestyle.

Ranked at number 10 globally by Feedspot – the Internet’s Largest Human Curated Database of Bloggers and Podcasts – Punktuation Mag has been acknowledged as one of the top 60 punk blogs in the world. Feedspot’s prestigious ranking further attests to Punktuation Mag’s influence and impact on the punk community.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking publication, Punktuation Mag continues to push the boundaries of punk journalism, delivering fresh perspectives and captivating stories that resonate with punk communities around the world. Join the punk revolution and explore the world of Punktuation Mag today!

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Page Views Per Month.     72,000
Page Clicks Per Month      42,000
First Visits Per Month.        9,900


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