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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Meet The Punktuators!

Matt Wallis
Founder & Editor in Chief
I'm a London born and bred music journalist, a mediocre bass player and the occasional strummer of the guitar. In the '80s I worked in recording studios and made a few records you'd probably recognise. I have written a couple of books and made the odd media appearance as a music commentator. I now call Brisbane home.
Tracey Moyle
Australian Editor
Everyone should have a soundtrack playing loudly in the background of their life. I was born moshing to my own beat and have never swayed from my love of music. Spreading my passion through the written word is my soul's purpose. My punk heart beats loudly with the rhythm of my rock soul. I plan to continue to mosh like no one gives a shit.
Roger Kasper
U.K. Editor
I'm Roger Kasper, 55. A punk since October 77 when the Stranglers rocked Top of the Pops with No More Heroes. Journalist since 1983 with stints on national newspapers and magazines and editor of local papers. I'm Gravesend born and dragged up I keep poultry, garden, run and generally make a nuisance of myself!
Molly Tie
I’m Molly Tie- a freelance writer and punk blogger! I have two major musical loves in my life- punk and the music of the 1960s. I love all eras of punk- from 70s UK to US pop punk. I’m particularly interested in issues relating to women in the music scene. I am currently writing a book that explores the lived experience of being a female into punk music.The book is a labour of love- and my aim is to get it published in 2020.
Dawson Barrett
I'm a recovering punk rocker and a cheerleader for rabble rousers of all ages and I'm an Associate Professor of US History at Del Mar College in Texas. I'm the author of THE DEFIANT: Protest Movements in Post-Liberal America and TEENAGE REBELS: Successful High School Activists from the Little Rock Nine to the Class of Tomorrow and co-author of PUNKS IN PEORIA: Making a Scene in the American Heartland.
India Raine
I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, and music journalist. When I'm not gigging with my band Rude Rum or writing, I teach guitar. I graduated from the Music Industry College, Brisbane (where I was in a punk band) in 2016 and plan to spend my life helping the world find a new groove. When asked at kindergarten what I wanted to be when I grew up I simply said 'a rock star'... nothing's changed!
Willy Mitchell
I'm an indie author, a storyteller of five novels so far. For my novels I take actual, true life events and wrap them in fiction to create intriguing and memorable tales. In each of my books, the story begins in a bar somewhere in the world and unfolds from there. That is always a great place to share and hear a story or two and gather material to continue to tell my tales! My books are available at many online retail stores including Amazon.
Welton B Marsland
I'm a queer-punk writer from Melbourne, Australia whose stories, poetry and more have appeared in many local and international markets. My debut novel, 'By the Currawong's Call', set in 1890s Australia is available through harpercollins.com.au I also won the Romance category at the 2018 Bisexual Book Awards in New York, I support Richmond F.C. and I like funny shit, animals and railing at the world!
Stewart Hodgson
I'm the Marketing Director at Fabrik and a self-confessed audiophile. I live and breathe design - even my toaster is a Porsche and I have spent the last 20 years getting businesses like the BBC, Johnson & Johnson and AXA excited about what good design can do for them. I'm always tuned in to clients’ needs and always plugged it to iTunes. I also suffer from OVCD (Obsessive Vinyl Collecting Disorder)
Jasmine Wallis
I’m a Melbourne-based journalist with a love of all things fashion and culture. When I’m not busy moving countries (I’ve recently lived in the UK and the Netherlands) I freelance for Fashion Journal and Frankie magazine. I’m also the founder and editor of online youth magazine GENZINE. Growing up in a household full of punk and rock music has meant that I love going to gigs and playing music a little too loud in my headphones!
Tom Sebecke
Hey there! I'm Tom - a German born guitarist, songwriter and actor (including being an extra in Thor Ragnarok and Aquaman) I love music and playing live and most recently was in a metal band. I'm currently rehearsing with my latest project. Music is a passion of mine as is riding motorcycles - sadly I don't own a bike right now but itching to buy one again. I'm also a bit of a cat lover and looking to buy a rescue cat very soon!

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