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gob patrol

An ode to punk legends Black FlagGob Patrol’s latest single ‘Bad Vibes’ describes that feeling you get when you’re in the presence of someone who terrifies or confuses you, giving you a “bad vibe”. Hard bass and buzz-sawing guitar riffs accent the crashing cymbals and minimal beats, with repetitive lyrics telling a story of fear and uneasiness.

Gob Patrol is heavily inspired by the legendary 80’s US punk scene highlighted by acts such as Black Flag, GBH, Minor Threat and The Germs. They are angsty, rebellious, chaotic and 100% pure old school punk rock – just how we love it.

The idea of Gob Patrol started in 2018 with guitarist Ja meeting the singer Slam in Las Vegas over a discussion of punk rock bands. They soon found bass player Gogo and drummer Cody.
The concept was to develop music based on the influence and sound of their favourite 80s punk bands, and to keep that sound alive in a growing scene. Writing guitar-driven songs inspired by bands such as Black Flag, GBH, and The GermsGob Patrol stay true to the genre.

After recording their first demo, Gob Patro hit the road playing shows to large crowds in California, Utah, Arizona, and raging in the Vegas scene. In December 2020, the band released their latest EP Spit.

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